About Gill International Travel

Gill International Travel established in February 1982. It is the largest network of Travel Agencies nation wide having 12 branch locations and associate offices in Canada (Coast to Coast), USA and India. Company has net sales of over $48 million, poised to grow dynamically as business conditions require.

Founder Mr. Raminder Gill (now director) has the honor of being elected to the Ontario Legislature as the first south Asian Member of Parliament now serving as Citizenship Judge.

All Gill International Travel locations are IATA approved and carry wholesale and retail licenses as required by the authorities. All locations are also operating under BSP, (except surrey BC and India office).

The Company is P.S.A. for Air India and consolidator for Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air Canada, Air France, KLM, American Airlines and most major online carriers operating out of Canada and has always exceeded any sales and financial targets as requirements of the airlines.

The company is well established and has an excellent track record to serving ethnic level needs. In addition the operators have a very strong relationship with the business community, hence sales of Upper Class will be given a high priority.

The Company is GSA for Indian Airlines for Canada and is responsible for sales & marketing activities of the airlines as well as authorized to appoint sales agents in Canada.

The Company is GSA for Indian Railways for Canada and is responsible for sales & marketing activities of the Indian Railways as well as authorized to appoint sales agents in Canada.

The Company has wholesale and retail licenses. The Company deals with several IATA and non-IATA agents, those augment the sales efforts of the company. Excellent relationship exists between the company and other IATA and non-IATA agencies.

The company has close working relation with Govt. of India Tourist office and Consulate General of India in Toronto; our Toronto Downtown office is in the same block.

The company also has a website connected with the on line Booking Engine and is poised to grow with the new technology. The sales agent as well passenger can check the availability and book/ purchase their tickets 24hrs 365 days. We have long serving experienced team of managers and sales agents who are highly knowledgeable and ethical. All of them have been involved in the sales and marketing for a long time in travel and tourism industry. The company is well established across the country and is ready and willing to expand further as needed. Staff is well versed in on line bookings using various types of CRS’s.

The company has a back office (BPO) in India, which handles after office hours calls and handling E. & Web Marketing and is also engaged for development of latest new age E. Tools.

All offices meet IATA requirements in terms of document safekeeping. The company promotes its services by advertising regularly using electronic media for example TV, Radio and also Print Media. The company also supports/ sponsors most of the community functions to have visibility and respectability in the community.